heavy metal music for health

Finding Tranquility in Heavy Metal Music: Insights from a Music Therapist

Have you ever wondered why some people find solace in listening to heavy metal music? Contrary to its reputation for loud and fast-paced rhythms, heavy metal music can have a calming effect on its listeners. But is there any truth to the idea that this genre can bring tranquility?

Indonesian music therapist Laura Sekar Putri, currently practicing in the United States, sheds light on the soothing aspects of heavy metal music. She explains that people have varying musical preferences when it comes to relieving stress or managing pain.

Diverse Musical Preferences

Laura highlights that everyone has unique musical tastes, ranging from genres like dangdut, house music, jazz, and more. In her own experience, when preparing for exams, she avoids listening to music entirely as it tends to overstimulate her.

Laura’s journey into music therapy began in 2020 when she was battling depression during her studies at Berklee College of Music. Although her mental health posed challenges, she discovered that music could be a powerful tool for self-healing.

According to Laura, it’s crucial to assess a patient’s emotional state before selecting the appropriate music to alleviate pain. She recalls a patient who had undergone surgery and was in intense pain. Surprisingly, this patient’s condition improved significantly after listening to heavy metal music.

Matching the Mood

“We match the mood, actually. For example, during my internship at a Florida hospital, there was an adult patient who was in pain, like right after surgery, and he liked metal songs,” she explains.

“So, we used it to match his mood. Instead of playing soft songs, we played heavy rock metal that he liked, and it worked. He could manage his pain better, almost like releasing the pain and gaining control over it. We can indeed use heavy metal music effectively and appropriately,” she adds.

Applying Heavy Metal Therapeutically

Laura’s experience underscores the importance of tailoring musical therapy to an individual’s emotional state and preferences. While heavy metal music may not be the go-to choice for relaxation for everyone, it can provide a unique sense of tranquility and empowerment for those who resonate with it.

In the realm of music therapy, the genre of music often matters less than the emotional connection and response it elicits from the listener. Just as heavy metal can be a therapeutic medium for some, other genres may offer solace and relief for others.

Ultimately, music therapy serves as a testament to the diverse and deeply personal ways in which individuals connect with music to navigate the complexities of their emotional and physical well-being. It reaffirms that the power of music transcends stereotypes and genres, allowing individuals to find solace, healing, and tranquility in unexpected places.